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Can these coasters now be used on Dine-in or Takeout?

Posted by Baily Kalscheur on

Yes, but the tricky part is this: Restaurants want to serve people in-house. They want to fill seats with people enjoying a solid experience. CityTins has maintained a "Dine-In only" clause on our coasters, prior to the pandemic, because it truly makes a difference for the restaurants. They profit from diners dining in. 

Having said that, we all want to support locally-owned venues—especially now during the pandemic. If coasters are used for curbside, take-out, or delivery (if allowed), it really gouges the restaurant's bottom line and most cannot afford to honor coasters in this way. Eliminating third-party delivery services helps—which is why we add that clause. That doesn't mean that your support by ordering take-out doesn't help; it does! It helps restaurants to maintain and stay afloat. Some are able to profit as they navigate their offerings and service options. While they do not all profit from these transactions because of the cost of doing business this way, they do manage to keep their doors open and avoid permanent closure in the interim.

We know everyone's level of comfort dining in at this time is different. Restaurants are so excited to welcome diner's back in-house. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, we have included the takeout option as a necessary component due to the pandemic.

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