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Christin [city] + tara [tins]

origin story

When Tara Laatsch and Christin Cilento met on the playground at their daughters’ elementary school, they had no idea the casual meet would lead to founding a company together. Tara was gearing up for a full-time return to corporate life, while Christin owned a marketing company specializing in brand strategy.

The idea for CityTins is rooted in community, originating as an alternative to played-out school fundraising initiatives during the Great Recession of 2009. Local establishments were permanently closing and the Live Local message in the Midwest was in its infancy.

Now fifteen years strong, their brainchild, CityTins, has proven itself a cult classic gift item. Piloted in Milwaukee, the company now reaches nine markets across a tri-state area and counting. CityTins has donated nearly $500,000 to date via fundraisers and in-kind donations to schools and nonprofits throughout the markets they serve.