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Common Questions

I don’t get it. Do all tins have the same restaurants?

There are at least 20 different venues in every clever little tin. Each tin contains the same 20 restaurants or hot spots we’ve selected for the year. Each restaurant is featured on its own coaster gift card, and is worth $10 off your tab of $30 or more pre-tax and gratuity. This means you can order drinks or apps, entrees, desserts or the entire menu. If the bill total is $30 before tax and gratuity are added, present your CityTins coaster to your server and $10 will be taken off your tab. It’s that simple. There’s no catch.


To view the list of venues in each tin, click here.

What do you mean by EXTRA GIFTY, ULTRA THRIFTY?

CityTins is value-priced at $30 per tin with a $200+ value. That means if you buy any one tin and use just three of the coaster gift cards (valued at $10 each), the product has paid for itself.

CityTins are a safe go-to gift appropriate for almost any occasion. Popular uses for CityTins include stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, wedding favors, teacher appreciation, realtor closing gifts, corporate name it!

Will my CityTin expire?

All CityTins are valid in the calendar year for which they are published and expire on December 31st of that year.

Not sure which tin you have? The tin cover will have the year in which the tin is valid. The sticker on the bottom of the tin will list the expiration date, as well, including any fine print. All expiration info and fine print are also listed on all of the redeemable coasters in the tin. (Odd as this may sound, we are unable to exchange expired tins for current editions; even if you lost it, your dog ate it or a family member gave you an expired tin. Yes, we hear these things. They happen.)

I love the coasters! May I keep my coaster after paying the tab?

It is our policy that coasters be relinquished with your tab. It helps our restaurant owners with inventory and accounting. A few restaurants, however, have chosen to implement a system whereby they mark a coaster as used and return it to you. Sometimes a “Diner’s Choice” coaster is eligible at both locations featured, but it is strictly up to the discretion of each participating restaurant.

If you are using CityTins on takeout, be sure to bring your coaster with you at pickup!

I’ve heard CityTins sell out fast. Do you reprint and restock tins?

Get ‘em while you can! These annual tins are limited editions. Once we sell out, they are gone for good. If buying at a local store or retailer, you may want to call ahead to ensure availability.

When are CityTins available for purchase? And where can I buy them?

We typically issue tins for the upcoming year by November 1, just in time for holiday gift giving. You can always purchase tins here on our website. If you prefer to shop local and want to pick one up at a retail establishment, please see the list of stores that carry CityTins.

Does CityTins make donations to local organizations and nonprofits?

We sure do! Just send us your name and information about your cause by clicking here. Be sure to let us know the date of your fundraising event and we’ll see what we can do to help. We get many requests and do our best to honor them, but may not be able to in all cases. You will be notified in a timely manner if we can accommodate your request.

How can I get information about using CityTins as a fundraiser for my local school/organization/nonprofit?

CityTins was designed specifically for use as a fundraiser—and we've made it super easy to manage. By selling CityTins, your group supports local and also keeps 33% of all sales.  Just send us an email and we will get you what you need to get started. CityTins has proudly donated more than $450,000 to schools and non-profits in the communities we serve.

What if one of the restaurants in my CityTin closes?

All venues included in CityTins for the year are in good standing and fully operational at the time of signing. Due to economic or otherwise unforeseen circumstances with individual venues, CityTins is not liable for any unredeemable coasters due to the closing of a participating bar or restaurant.

I am a Restaurant Owner/Chef/General Manager at a local restaurant. How can my venue be considered for inclusion in next year’s tin?

Click here to email us for consideration or additional info, like testimonials from current restaurateurs and retail partners.

When will CityTins be in my city?

We have Tins for multiple cities in the works! Send us an email at to tell us why you love CityTins—maybe a Tin will find its way to your locale sooner than you think!

Are there any restrictions when I use a coaster gift card at the featured restaurant?

Simply turn in your coaster gift card at the featured restaurant or bar when your bill is presented. You will receive $10 off your tab of $30 of more for dine-in ($5 off $30 on takeout), excluding tax or gratuity. There are no blackout dates, no food or beverage exclusions, no nonsense.

We simply ask that you don't double-up at a table or try to combine multiple coasters at the same venue, and it may not be combined with other offers like a happy hour. Redeemable only once and must be relinquished to server.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders placed Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) before 10AM CST will be processed and shipped same day. Orders placed after 10AM CST, or on Saturdays and Sundays will be processed and shipped the next business day. All customers will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when the order has shipped.

Can these coasters now be used on Dine-in or Takeout?

Yes, but the tricky part is this: Restaurants want to serve people in-house. They want to fill seats with people enjoying a solid experience. CityTins has maintained a "Dine-In only" clause on our coasters, prior to the pandemic, because it truly makes a difference for the restaurants. They profit from diners dining in. 

Having said that, we all want to support locally-owned venues—especially now, post-pandemic. That doesn't mean that your support by ordering take-out doesn't help; it does! It helps restaurants to maintain and stay afloat. We hope you will enjoy the option to support these restaurants in either manner - dine-in or takeout.

What is the return policy?

Any unopened, undamaged CityTins purchased on our website may be returned with proof of purchase within 30 days. CityTins purchased at a participating retailer or restaurant must be returned via the reseller. Unopened CityTins purchased through a fundraiser are eligible for an exchange of a different tin while supplies last. CityTins does not issue a store credit for future use. Additionally, we are unable to exchange expired tins for current editions, no matter the circumstance.

Are the tins currently for sale valid for 2023 or 2024?

Any 2024 CityTins available online now can be used starting January 1, 2024 and will not expire under the end of 2024!